5 Ways to Style a Hat this Summer

It's not a secret that hats are kind of my jam. They're the savior of bad hair days and also have a knack for dressing up "basic" outfit. In my opinion, there's pretty much a hat for any outfit or occasion, but here's a few ideas if you're still looking to work them into your daily wears.

A Wide Brim With A Feminine Dress.

I love a good wide brimmed hat worn with an eyelet or lace dress. It feels very Princess Kate going to a tea party, which is always a good thing, right?

With Denim and a Button-Down.

What's more basic then denim and a button down? While I love the simplicity, it can sometimes feel a little too boring. A simple black or brown hat can easily make the look feel a little more finished, and more fun!

With a Jersey Dress and Denim Jacket.

I love a good panama-style hat for summer. If you don't have one, definitely put that on the top of your list! I love the look of throwing one on with an easy jersey cotton dress and denim jacket!

Shorts and a Belt.

I am all about the easy summer outfits. Once it starts to heat up I live in shorts and tees or button-downs. Adding a hat and belt to the mix can make a basic summer look feel a little more thoughtful.

With White Jeans.

Even though white jeans can be a little bit of a pain (and usually means me skipping my morning coffee, cause God knows I will definitely spill and ruin them!) I looooove how summer-y and fun they are! Throw them on with a tee and a woven hat and it's perfection in my book!

If you're looking for more inspo, my spring and summer style board on Pinterest is packed full of total babes rocking hats


Crazy Plant Lady Free Printable

Fine and Feathered - Crazy Plant Lady Free Printable

Lately I've been feeling that itch to redecorate a little. Or really, just do some new styling around the house. Our house has been in renovations since we bought it, so for the most part I haven't gone too crazy with decorating since I figured it will all have to be moved or changed anyway. Now that we're slowly starting to actually finish rooms, I have really been thinking about art for walls. I am not the kind of gal who drops a ton of money on things like pictures, so I have been opting to make my own whenever I can.

As you may now I am 100% that crazy plant lady. I can barely walk out of Home Depot without a plan being in the cart, so I thought it would be fun to make a little art dedicated to my "crazy plant lady" ways - and now you can download and print it for yourself!

Crazy Plant Lady Free Printable

I printed mine out on cardstock, but you could also print it on a little bit of watercolor paper and add a splash of color to it :)

Fine and Feathered - Crazy Plant Lady Art Free Printable

Double Duty

Fine and Feathered - Summer Style Striped Dress
Fine and Feathered - Summer Style Minimalism
Fine and Feathered - Summer Minimalist Style

Old Navy Dress // Madewell Convertible Backpack // Urban Outfitters Hat // Vintage Shoes

I have been on the search for a backpack for quite sometime. Something cute, and super versatile I can dress up or down. The birthday gods were good to me this year (and by that, I mean my grandparents) and I got this little number from Madewell that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

Not only is it the perfect size backpack, it easily turns into an adorable tote! Seriously so smitten. I'm debating adding pins to it. I've seen some that girls have dressed up with them and it looks adorable, I'm just not sure I'm definitely a "pin kind of gal" if you know what I mean.

(Crazy) Easy Mini Plant Stand DIY

Mini Hairpin Leg Plant Stand

To say I'm addicted to plants may be the understatement of the year. I'm full on #crazyplantlady and proud of it. I mean, how can you resist them, especially those super cute mini succulents. Heart eyes for days.

Another addiction of mine? Hairpin legs on furniture. I mean, come on. So when I was Home Depot with my hubs the other day I was fascinated when I found mini copper hairpin legs - what! Turns out in reality they are actually pipe hangers, which is a lot less exciting, but in my mind they were hairpin legs all the way and I needed to have them. Should I also mention they were 70 cents? yeah.

Easy Plany Stand Tutorial
Plant Stand DIY
Plant Stand DIY

What you'll need:

  • 4 Copper Pipe Hangers (found in the plumping supply section of your hardware store)
  • 12x5" Board, 3/4" or thicker (I used some reclaimed wood for a more rustic look, but you can also buy new!)
  • Hammer

Carefully hammer in your "legs" (the pipe hangers) one inch from either end on the long sides of your of your board, and there ya go! I was actually surprised at how much weight mine could take, however I would definitely be careful and stick to the nice lightweight mini plants and avoid putting too much weight on it.

Seriously so easy.

Mini Hairpin Leg Plant Stand DIY