11 things to make in 2011

What am I resolving to do in 2011?Make more, bake more and just plain have more fun (not that 2010 wasn't fun:)

Here are 11 things I'm planning on making in 2011...

1. Love this idea of a polaroid mobile by LucieCamp! Have a little different interpritation I'm working on:)

2. Determined to make myself a pair of moccasins this year - I've had a pair or two of minnetonka's since I was young but I'd love to make my own from scratch! (via pinterest)

3. I had a gorgeous tepee when I was a little girl and have been wanting to make myself one for a long time now (via HonestyWTF)

4. All I can say is WOW. another mobile I must make from Ruffled Blog.

5. Love this DIY tshirt inspiration from bkids - want to make a grown up version for myself!

6. Adore this calender journal idea from design sponge!

7. I bought porcelain paint about a year ago and have yet to touch it (what's wrong with me?!) and am absolutely determined to revamp some vintage teacups this year! (photo via Pinterest)

8. I've been working on my sewing skills since I got my new sewing machine and cannot wait to get started usin this tutorial from Adventures in Sewing to make a paper bag waist skirt.

9. I had my little Terrarium Party last year (pictures on my old blog) and definetely want to do another little party again... not sure what yet but want to make some super cute invites this time! (via pinterest)

10. I know its technically not "making" anything but I really want to try to do more with my hair this year. I'm usually too much in a rush or too easily frustrated with my hair to do anything fun with it in the morning. need to brush up on my fishtail braiding skill! (photo by MeridethLightfoot)

11. Hoping that by the end of 2011 I'll be able to make one of these gorgeous Larissa moto jackets!


Anything your resolving to make this new year?