Today I've spent 90% of my time in my office re-reading parts of Elsie's Dream Job e-course, printing pictures and finding magazine clipping to re-do my inspiration board, and lots of planning for fall.

Despite the fact that I'm a summer girl through-and-through and not trying to rush it whatsoever, I adore autumn fashion. Plus, I've been accruing a huge inventory for Fox&Vintage for the fall and have realized I really need a game plan. Last year I left my job right at the begining of fall and had almost no inventory whatsoever, and was basically completely unprepared for taking on the shop full-time.

This year will be much different. Come fall, there will be more inventory then I've ever had for the shop, I plan on doing a look-book, and I even have a really fun surprise too. But that means lots of planning, really knowing what I'm doing, and being beyond prepared. It's so exciting though!


Is there anything big your planning for? How early do you like to plan ahead?