Franklin Fountain


In anticipation for a possibly sparatic week of blogging, may I apologize with some photos of some of the most delicious ice cream in all of Philadelphia, and possibly, the world?

My 'japanese sister' (my parent's exchange student) is going home next week and we've been packing as much in as we can since she got out of school. This week we already have a few trips planned and last week we did a big flea market, some thrifting, and Philly. Of course, since I used to live right in center city I was 'tour guide barbie' as my mom likes to call me. And since we were already in the city, we couln't very well leave without making sure we stopped at Franklin Fountain.


Probably the most perfect old-school soda fountain in the entire world. I'm not sure what's better, the amazing architecture and furniture inside, or the super tasty home-made ice cream. Not to mention all their specialty sodas and drinks are all fantastic.

It's right around the corner from our old apartment and me and Frank used to sneek over all the time, even a couple of times in the winter!


Oh, and I certainly can't leave out this picture of my little brother stuffing his face with ice cream, can I? Just more proof as to how tasty it is...