Summer Protein Smoothie


I'm a pretty darn picky eater. I have a long list of thing I don't like, and I've always had a huge problem when it comes to getting enough protein. I'm not a vegetarian, but I generally don't like most meats, so my main sorce of protein is usually peanut butter (which means eating a whole lot of peanut butter!).
I also get extra picky when the summer heat hits. For some reason, when it's super hot outside, I really just don't feel like eating. I don't know why, that's just how I get in the heat.

Anyway! I used to make these protein smoothies all the time when I used to work at a cafe and had access to a super-duper blender, and me and my husband just finally got ourselves a little blender so I thought it would great to start making them again!


The protein in this smoothie comes from the yogurt! I've been a huge fan of Chobani for years. One little container of their yogurt has 14 grams of protein, and is low in fat! Woo!
The best thing about this smoothie is that you can totally customize it to whatever flavors you like. I used the raspberry Chobani, 6 large strawberries, and a large banana.


We have just a regular blender we picked up from the store so it's better to do things one at a time. I started with blending all the strawberries together, then adding the bananas and blending again, and lastly the yogurt and a few ice cubes!


All done! Super simple, right?
I love that it only takes a few minutes to make and it's still super nutrition and yummy!