Polka Dots and Skinny Belts


Vintage Skirt (Thrifted) // Gap Tee // J.Crew Skinny Belt // Vitnage Locket
 MIA Sandals // Bracelet was a gift // Watch from The Hope Chest

World, meet my new favorite summer-time skirt. Summer-time skirt, meet the world.
Now that you two are acquainted, let me tell you that you need a skirt like this. You have not experienced a good summer day wearing a skirt until you have one like this.

I picked this guy up while thrifting a while back. I was trying to collect more skirts and the polka dots called to me. I totally didn't realize that this skirt is awesome because:
a) it's insanly light fabric, so you stay super cool, and
b) you can't can't see through it so you don't need a slip underneath
All you ladies know what I'm talkin' about when I say that's a total score!



Best of all, I've seen a lot of similar skirts to this in thrift stores (the style was big in the late 80s early 90s) so I will definitely be stocking up whenever I see ones like this now:)


What's your favorite summer outfit for when it's scoarching out there?