Thrift (&Yard Sale) Finds

Vintage Camera Bag $3

I must say, one of my favorite recent thrifts! I have a great camera/laptop bag that's nice and sturdy, but not really all that pretty. This one is much more compact for when I want to just bring my camera and a lense or two and still look cute! Love it!

Vintage Phone $2

We don't even have a land line, but this cutie almost makes me want one! I fell in love with the deep red color of it and had to have it! Even if all it does is sit and look pretty :)

Vintage Camp Lantern $1

I saw a similar camp lantern in a thrift store a few months ago and fell in love with it, but apparently someone told them it was an antique and they got carried away because it was priced at $75! Crazy! I knew if I held out I could find one cheap, and then a yard sale brought me and this adorable one together! 

Vintage Camera 50cents

Cameras are one of those things I've been collecting since I was about 15 and never cease to get excited when I find one I don't already have!


Do you have any recent thift (or yard sale!) finds you're in love with?