TShirt ReStyle Re-Visited!


A while ago I did this t-shirt restyle and since then I've gotten a few questions about it. A few of your were a little comfused and needed some clarification. I thought, instead of fumbling with my words I'd show you again - but better this time!

The great this abbout this is that it actually is quite simple and it only takes a few minutes. This time I used one of my Hanes men's v-neck tee's to make it. You can do this with virtually any shirt though!


You can click the photo to englarge it, and follow along!
1. Cut from the neckline to halfway between the shoulder. 2&3. Cut down and around the neckline in a wide U shape. 4. Do the same to the back, but in a much more shallow U. 5&6. Make a diagonal cut from the end of the neckline, to halfway down the sleeve. 7&8. Tie up the now seperated shoulders, where the neckline ends, double knot this. 9&10. Cut the shoulders into long shreds, and you're done!


Hopefully these photos and directions are much more clear for everyone! This project is great if you love tshirts but want something a little different, or your like me, and hate the neckline of Tshirts:)


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