DIY : Clip Board Frame


You know me, when it comes to DIY projects I'm all about simplicity. For a while I've loved using clip boards as make-shift frames, and thought it would be fun to give this one a little face-lift and add some color as a backdrop for a mono-chromatic qoute!


All you need is a clipboard, some paint chips, glue, an x-acto knife (not shown), and something to smooth things out (I use my handy-dandy bone folder:)


It's as simple as it seems : Figure out what colors you'd like to use, cut them down to size (I chose to leave some of the color names, but it's up to you!). Put glue onto clip board, place color chips on top and smooth down. To make sure the chips dont get warped from the glue I put a heavy book on top while it dried (I used a piece of wax paper in between to make sure no left over glue got stuck on my book!. If any edges hang over you can trim them off with an x-acto knife.

I also used a bit of washi tape over the edges of mine.


I'm pretty happy with the turn out:) I think it would look really cute with a black and white picture hanging from it too!