Winding Down

J.Crew Shirt // Target Shorts // Vintage Belt (Thrifted) // Minnetonka Moccasins

 I can feel the summer starting to wind down, and even thought I am excited for fall, I am realizing I definitely need to take advantage of the last bit that we have. I can't believe I've only been down to the shore twice so far, and the first time was really early in the season and it was still pretty cold.

It's so funny because I think the majority of people think that working from home and being self employeed means that I must either sit around all day or just go out and have fun non stop. I adore being where I am now, I definitely love the freedom I have to move my schedule around and do a lot of stuff that I might not be able to if I was still working a normal job. But a lot of the time that means that if I was out for most of the day, I'll be working at my desk almost up until we go to bed at night, and even when I'm away on a trip or vacation I'm usually thinking about what I need to try to get done in between things. It's absolutely a give and take, but it's one that I am more than happy to have.



On a totally unrelated note, I've been wearing this shorts non stop this summer. They are just way too comfy, someone please buy me at least five more pairs.