Looking ahead


You could definetely feel that fall crisp in the air today. It's as if the world woke up and realized that it's almost October (even I can hardly believe it). I guess this coming month is when my collection of cardigans will really get to shine. I picked this up during one of my and my mom's trips to the thrift oulet in Lancaster for eighty-five cents. Polka dots are hard to resist, so between that and the price tag it had me at hello:)




Banana Republic Cardigan (Thrifted) // Target Dress
Vintage Belt & Scarf (Thrifted) // ASOS Socks // Wanted Boots

Maybe it was waking up the the sudden drop in temperture this morning, but all the sudden I feel as though I woke up to the realization that there's not much left of the year. Only three short months. Halloween will be here faster then we can grasp and then Thanksgiving will come and go and then all of the holidays will be here and we'll be ticking off another year past. It's kind of crazy, thinking about it.


Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!