No-Glue Mason Jar Soap Dispenser



 I really hate finding out that a craft isn't all it's cracked up to be. Whether it's that it didn't come out at all like how it looked in photos or just that after using it for a while you find there's problems. Hate that! I actually really strive to not do crafts like that on my blog, and if it does happen then I really like to go back and try to fix it. Which brings me to this...

I've been using my mason jar soap dispensers that I made here for a while now and realized that after a few months they get a little gross to be honest. The hot glue tends to attract dirt and gets a little goopy and just plain weird. Not really something you want guests seeing when they use your bathroom, right? Right. To be totally honest, the fix to this problem didn't come from me, it's straight from my super smart hubby! He came in from the garage one day and handed me a perfect non-glued mason jar soap dispenser that look way better then my original one. I knew I had to show off his fix for everyone!

To warn you : This does involve a lot of cutting and bending of the metal so it might be good (especially if you have girly non-calloused hands, like me) to wear some gloves when working on it and be extra careful!


First, start by removing the pump from a regular plastic soap dispenser. Then, using a knife or scissors very carefuly cut out the top and trim so there is just a little of the base left.


Cut out a hole from the lid (I used my crop-a-dile) that's just shy of fitting the top through. The cut out should have some jagged edges, these will help with the next steps.


    Bend the edges (be careful!) toward the inside (where the jar would be), then push the top up through the hole and push those jagged edges through the lip of plastic at the bottom (this will help keep it all in place!)  


You can make it work for almost any pump that comes with normal plastic soap dispensers (the larger ones, like found with foaming soaps, looks even better!)


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