I love finding new ways to wear old things. I love these tights, and when I went to grab them this morning they were inside-out and I just fell in love with the texture of them and found them just screaming to be worn that way and shown off!



American Eagle Shirt (thrifted) // J.Crew Skirt (thrifted) // Gap Tights
Vintage Belt, Scarf & Shoes (thrifted)

I found myself really wanting to wear this shirt today, and I like to go with my instincts and wear whatever I'm craving. Whenever I try to go against my first instinct I usually find myself a bit grouchy all day. I've been like that since I was little, if the princess dress I wanted to wear that day (most likely either my Bell gown or my Pocahontas dress) wasn't clean I would end up in a fowl mood. I like to think I'm not that affected by my clothing choices anymore, but I definitely try to stick with my first instinct.

The shirt is definitely more spring or summer-y in my mind, but I wanted to try to "fall it up". In my mind that means a lots of darker neutrals and a whole lotta browns. Especially brown oxfords, I mean, whats more fallish and "I wish I were sprawled out on some old campus' lawn reading smart people books in a pile of leaves" then brown oxords? Nothing people. simply nothing.