Highlights from 2012

Fine and Feathered

Even though I'm feeling like I could think of very few worse ways to end the year then with loosing our pup, I wanted to scroll through all my blog posts from this year (over 60 pages... I guess I really do love blogging!) and remember some of the fun things I did and made. That's what I just adore about blogging. It's like some amazing combination of scrabooking and journaling, but way better, and just feels so organic. So I thought I'd share some, partly just to remind myself of all the truly great times this year...

Fine and Feathered Hogsmeade and Hogwarts
Fine and Feathered Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I started out the year with a trip with my mom, momom, brother and parent's exchange student down to Disney World and finally getting to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (and it was wonderful).

Fine and Feathered

My Dress ReStyle from last year was featured on A Beautiful Mess - I was tickled!

  Fine and Feathered

Right before the new year we had moved from our little apartment in the city to renting a whole house in the middle of a farmers field. I've really enjoyed decorating, including my trash-picking and updating of this little bookshelf for the dining room.

Fine and Feathered Mason Jar Soap Dispensers

I made myself some liquid soap dispensers from Mason Jars for my bathrooms, and the DIY ended up getting passed around the internet quite a bit:) (the original & no-glue version)

Fine and Feathered Wood Grain Laptop Wrap

... so did my DIY Wood-Grain Laptop Wrap tutorial-
I was pretty psyched to see how many people liked it!

Fine and Feathered Chickens

We got our first pair of chickens, unfortunately they were stolen from us later, but I loved having them follow me around the yard and collecting their big beautiful eggs every morning.

Fine and Feathered Nikon D5100

My husband bought me a new camera and I love it so much!

  Fine and Feathered Devon Horse Show

Me and my mom decided to start horse back riding together this year and it's been so great. We also loved spending a few days up at the Devon Horse Show, so much talent and so many amazing horses!

Fine and Feathered Fawn
Fine and Feathered Wild Bunny
Fnie and Feathered Birds

We had our fair share of wild animal interactions, including helping my parents rescue a fawn, having to re-locate a nest of baby bunnies who's mother had decided to nest them way too close to our driveway, and having some blue birds born and grow up right outside our kitchen window!

Fine and Feathered Yellowstone
Fine and Feathered Goosewing Ranch

Me and my mom spent a whole week horse back riding at a ranch in the mountains of Wyoming and then a few days wandering through Yellowstone. It was so incredibly beautiful, and so much fun to see such a vastly different part of the country.

  Fine and Feathered

I made some of the best Cranberry Scones my mouth has ever had the good fortune of tasting.

  Fine and Feathered blog

I spent lots of time cuddling with, talking to, and taking pictures of my little fox:) Even though he had a long life (the vet thought he was at least 14) and I'm really glad he never had some of the pains and problems that usually come with old age, you can never prepare yourself for these things - but it's good to be able to look back on pictures and videos, and think back on all the great memories.