It's all in the details

Fine and Feathered Country wedding bar

Fine and Feathered Wedding sign   Fine and Feathered country wedding

Fine and Feathered country wedding thank yous

Fine and Feathered Wedding Details

This weekend I was lucky enough to be the photo stylist / second shooter for an adorable wedding. I beat the other photographer to the reception so I walked around with my camera and took some shots. My favorite weddings are always the ones that think of all the details, and really show the couples personalities, and this is officially one of my favorite weddings I've ever been to (even counting the super-expensive ones I did when I was working for a wedding planner). There's a lot of cute weddings these days, but this one wasn't just cute, you could tell everything was 100% personal to the bride and groom. It was "country rockabilly" and the reception was in the couple's backyard right by their horse's pasture, their friends all rode in their classic cars, and for the thank-you gifts there was a table set up with Jersey fresh produce and plants you could choose from. They also had some really smart details, like setting out all-natural bug spray on each table - a definite need for an outdoor summer wedding!

The details are always my favorite:) What are some favorite weddings details you've seen?